Server Address:
Join our Discord to get added to the server Allow List or contact Flib directly on Steam or Discord: Effie#5869
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This is Flib's vanilla Minecraft Java Edition server for the :TF: Gaming community and friends.
We are a very small, tight-knit group, but are very welcoming to newcomers!
Anyone is welcome to join! Griefing is obviously not allowed, though we have never really had it become a problem.

We currently have two sets of worlds, thanks to a server-side plugin. (No mods are required to play!)
New players will spawn into the original world (tfrealm), which was created as a Minecraft Realm in version 1.8.1 on 21 January 2015.
This world has been continuously updated over the course of major releases, with the goal that players will never lose their builds to a server wipe.
For the 1.15 release, it was decided to create a second, separate world that could more easily benefit from the update, and so that new users could jump into a fresh, less crowded world.
The second world (tfrealm-2) can be accessed through an archway just up the hill from spawn.